Village Clerk

The Office of the Village Clerk serves both the residents and the elected officials of the Village of Hamel. The office of Municipal Clerk traces its roots back to our founding. Clerk was one of the first offices established by American Colonists when they set up our country’s original local governments.

In many cases, the Clerk is the point of contact between the residents and the Village of Hamel’s government. Among the Clerk’s most important duties is serving as Registrar, registering Hamel residents to vote.

The Clerk serves as record keeper, book keeper and historian: Here’s a listing of some of the Clerk’s duties:

  • Attend all Public Meetings in order to keep and maintain the minutes of the meeting, which list every action and roll call vote taken.
  • Prepare and maintain the book of ordinances of the Village of Hamel. The Clerk is required to have recently passed ordinances available for reading, and the office is responsible for filing any ordinance with the County Clerk or Recorder of Deeds as required.
  • Keep the Village of Hamel Seal and preserve all records of local government.
  • Prepare and distribute the packet of information for the regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees.
  • Post all Public Notices to be in compliance for any Public Meeting or Public Hearing.
  • Present the regular payroll of the Village to the Treasurer for payment.
  • Collect and preserve all Local Records to keep the Village in compliance with the State of Illinois’ Local Records Act.
  • Assure compliance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and the Open Meetings Act (OMA).

Whether you have a question about your water bill, renting the Community Building, or action taken by the Board, the Clerk her staff are ready and waiting to assist you.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Debbie Belville Village Clerk
Daneen Killion Deputy Village Clerk