The Village Hamel Village Board meeting is held at 7pm the second Tuesday of each month at the Village Hall.

The Village of Hamel is officiated by a local board of trustees, a village president, and a village clerk, all elected on a four-year term basis by the residents.

Throughout its incorporation history, the board of trustees of Hamel has been made up of local residents who have expressed their desire to see the village flourish and grow. The board members bring with them business backgrounds which enable them to make board decisions that will benefit not only private residents but also the business community.

In 1981, the board voted to eliminate local property taxes and to date, Hamel is the only incorporated Village in the State of Illinois which does not levy a property tax.

In 1985, the board voted to eliminate a 1% corporate sales tax on farm industry-related items when local businesses requested the consideration in order to make it possible for them to be more competitive with area pricing.

In 1991, the Village took possession of the Community Park. It has complete banquet facilities, tennis, volley, and basketball courts.

In 1992, the Village of Hamel renamed Hillsboro Ave. to "Old Route 66" as the old Hwy. runs thru the middle of Hamel.

In 1995, the Village of Hamel designated the Hamel School Log Cabin as an historic landmark.

In 1996, the Hamel Community Center was renovated complete with a senior citizen center. Also, new playground equipment, a fun time for both young and old.

Phil J. Lading –
Sandberg Pheonix & Von Gontard P.C.

Juneau Engineering

Larry Bloemker

Mayor/Village Pres.

Justin Goebel

Board Member

Dwynn Isringhausen

Board Member

Randy Otrembiak

Board Member

Bethany Behrhorst

Board Member

Jerry Gorzny

Board Member

Shane Recer

Board Member