The mission of the Hamel Police Department is to work in partnership with our community to provide a professional, progressive, and community-oriented level of service to our people. We strive to serve our people with the up most courtesy and concern for their needs with emphasis on integrity and fairness. We work toward the attainment of public confidence from all of our citizens and to protect their constitutional rights.

In keeping with our mission statement, the Hamel Police Department is consistently seeking and striving to find new and innovative ways to deliver service to our residents and visitors that will give them a feeling of personal safety and property security. We believe that our officers offer a professional level of quality service to the people in our community. We are always willing to work with our citizens to form partnerships that will afford us a better opportunity to improve the quality of traditional police service.

Our police officers demonstrate a commitment to personal integrity while providing a professional level of service to our community. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Hamel Police Dept.

(618) 633-2777