Mayor's Office

The Mayor, or Village President, serves as the chief executive officer of the Village and is responsible for the enforcement of all laws and ordinances. The Mayor presides over the monthly meeting of the Village Board and is required to sign all ordinances, checks and licenses to make them valid.

All officials who serve the Village that are not elected are appointed by the Mayor, and the Mayor serves as the Liquor Commissioner, granting and revoking liquor licenses. The Mayor also serves as Health Commissioner, with the power to remove nuisances or health hazards within the Village.

There are limited circumstances when the Mayor actually votes at a meeting. Those include:  where there is a tie, where ½ of the trustees have voted in favor of an ordinance, resolution or motion or where a vote of more than the majority is required by the Illinois Compiled Statutes for an ordinance to pass.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Justin Gerstner Mayor / Village President